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About me...


I am a Spanish-Argentinian artist based in Canada. As a teenager I fell in love with theatre and decided to pursue a career in the Performing Arts. 


I produced, directed and wrote several theatre plays with my small company. Then joined a touring circus company for many years, making and repairing costumes, props and stage set. I have been a story-teller, clown dresser, stage mopper, puppet doctor, with my hands full of paint and my pockets full of tools.


As a mixed-media artist I cannot say that I’m entirely self-taught, as despite not having a formal education in visual arts, I had the chance to work with talented scenic builders, painters and costume designers who generously shared a lot of their knowledge with me.  My works are undoubtedly influenced by all this theatrical background and nomadic lifestyle.



About my work...


I try to capture magic in the ordinary creating poetical and sometimes surreal works. 


Antiques, found objects, vintage images, memorabilia are my playground. 

My source of inspiration could be the evocative power of an old picture, the significance of an old jewel, the magic contained in an expired photographic film.


I usually begin a piece with an idea in mind and then allow myself to get lost. Is a meditative process where I try to detach from my mind and let my intuition be the guide.


Like in an Exquisite Corpse, I put together disconnected pieces and allow them to find a new meaning and tell a new story.

2020 - FROM Outsider Art Magazine, Issue five

2020 - Había una vez. - Emmy Mascian Online Gallery

2021 - Memories of Love - Photo Trouvée Magazine - Online Collective Exhibition

2021 - NNC No Name Collective Art Magazine - January Issue

2021 - Gallea - Prints Collection

2021 - Blue - Online Exhibition by Québec Collage

2021 - Start Gallery Collective Exhibition- Warsaw, Poland

2021 - Perfumed Pages Magazine - Issue One

2021 - Album Cover for Carmine Ioanna Music Company

2021 - “El privilegio de vivir” by Mujeres que cortan y pegan + NUDO, festival de poesía desatada - Inusual Project, Barcelona

2022 - "Todo y Nada" Collective Exhibition by Vayo Collage Gallery, Rochester NY

2022 - The Stendhal Room - Mujeres que cortan y pegan quinto aniversario 

2022 - Order, Purity, Simplicity, Spirituality - Cista Arts Digital Exhibition 

2024 - "Boring" - Virtual Exhibition and Projection at The Holy Art Gallery, London (opening May 27)

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