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About me...


I was born in Argentina and grew up in Mexico, Colombia and Switzerland. At the age of fifteen I fell in love with theatre and decided to pursue a career in the Performing Arts. 


I moved to Spain where I produced, directed and wrote several theatre plays. Then joined a big touring circus company, making and repairing costumes, props and stage decoration. I can say now that I'm a professional clown dresser, stage mopper, puppet doctor, with my hands full of paint and my pockets full of tools.


As a mixed-media artist I cannot say that I’m entirely self-taught, as despite not having a formal education in visual arts, I had the chance to work with talented scenic builders, painters and costume designers who generously shared a lot of their knowledge with me. 


About my work...


I try to capture magic in the ordinary creating surreal but accessible worlds. 


Up-cycling, collaging, analogue photography are my playground. The evocative power of an old picture, the significance of an old jewel, the magic contained in an expired photographic film… These are the materials I love working with. 

I usually begin with an idea and then allow myself to get lost in the process. Like an Exquisite Corpse, I like putting together disconnected pieces and let them find a new meaning .

2020 - FROM Outsider Art Magazine, Issue five

2020 - Había una vez. - Emmy Mascian Online Gallery

2021 - Memories of Love - Photo Trouvée Magazine - Online Collective Exhibition

2021 - NNC No Name Collective Art Magazine - January Issue

2021 - Gallea - Prints Collection

2021 - Blue - Online Exhibition by Québec Collage

2021 - Start Gallery Collective Exhibition- Warsaw, Poland

2021 - Perfumed Pages Magazine - Issue One

2021 - Album Cover for Carmine Ioanna Music Company

2021 - “El privilegio de vivir” by Mujeres que cortan y pegan + NUDO, festival de poesía desatada - Inusual Project, Barcelona

2022 - "Todo y Nada" Collective Exhibition by Vayo Collage Gallery, Rochester NY



2022 - The Stendhal Room - Mujeres que cortan y pegan quinto aniversario (opening 15 October)

2022 - Order, Purity, Simplicity, Spirituality - Cista Arts Digital Exhibition ((opening october)

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